Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dear Ian

This morning around 6:20 am you snuggled close to me and put both of your chubby, soft baby arms around my neck. Your skin is still so soft and chubby and baby-like and I know soon it won't be this way and I will miss it dearly. You snuggled close, warm and soft, and it was one of the best ways to wake up ever.

And you woke up giggly and laughing too. I don't want to trade those minutes for the world. I smile now, just thinking about the moment.

I have to work, you have to go to daycare -- or playschool as you like to call it -- and with my now longer drive to work I spend less time with you than I would like. Mornings are a rush of getting dressed and beating the traffic and evening are squeezing in dinner and baths and books. So I squeeze in the moments that I can, when I can and this is one that will keep me going when the rest of life gets hectic.

The day will come when you don't want to hug me or kiss me because you will be growing up. So because of that, I savor today. I savor the soft, quiet moments in the early hours of the morning when the regular day has not yet hit us, when we are half asleep and fuzzy with dreams, and we can simply enjoy a quiet ten minutes together before we both have to face the day in our separate directions.

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