Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Power of People

I love my photographer with all my heart. He has been there with me for my engagement, wedding, maternity photos and now to capture the ever changing joy that is my son. I also dislike to have my photograph taken and yet I am always happy with the photos he takes.

I also love to support local businesses when I can.

Yesterday this was their facebook status:
Tucker Photography: Our hearts go out to everyone who lost their homes in this weekend's flood. Do not worry about your portraits, we will gladly replace any prints at no charge to our customers. God bless.

This is why they have my business. This is why I will always support them. They are generous, caring, honest and hardworking people. These are the type of people you want to know in good times and bad.

I challenge you to think about this kind of thing when you next choose to purchase any kind of service from a company.

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Nicole D said...

Hey there, visiting from my giveaway and wanted to encourage you to watch for the next giveaway... a little nipper cap, going up tomorrow!