Monday, May 10, 2010

Team Building Exercise or decide

Our property managers are doing their part to help conserve water due to the flooding in Nashville. This means that those of us on the 8th floor have to travel down to at least the 4th floor in order to use the restroom. We have turned this into a mini-team game and when one of us goes, we ask the others and often travel down to the bathroom in a twosome or a pod of three.

Today, as we head down for a late morning break together, one of my team members asks how much toilet paper we use on a given day. Most amusing is the fact that that someone else is already in the bathroom when we walk in and she asks this question anyway.

She mentions recently having this conversation with friends and that she and her partner (both female) go through about a roll every day to day and a half. I live with two males so my usage will be different. A, the other team member, lives with her husband and 11 year old daughter.
So, since we are in the bathroom all together, I suggest we each take from the roll what we use each time we go, using number 1 as a reference. We will leave number 2 for some other random day. We then share our wad with each other. Two of us have a small wad, roughly 4-6 squares of toilet paper. The original question asker has a strand of toilet paper as long as her arm span.

What amazes me even more, and I pointed this out to her, is that both of them are out of the house for at least 8 hours with working and commute and yet they still go through that much tiolet paper a day.

So, how much toilet paper do you use?

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Debbie said...

Toilet Paper is a touchy subject in this house. The Professor is constantly afraid we will run out. He has a perpetually clogged nose, and we don't buy Kleenex, so that's what he uses.

I've actually done some looking into how much I need to stay sanitary, and it really does matter what brand you buy. The higher end (Cottonelle & Charmin, around here) requires much less than the cheaper brands.

Check this out: