Monday, June 7, 2010

Dear Ian

Dear Ian,

You are still obsessed with blueberries. You do not like it when the bowl is empty. I must say that lots of blueberries make for an interesting diaper. Bunny grahams and cereal bars are other favorites. You don't really like meat but will eat bread and fruit all day long.

You can say "school" and "shoe", or at least mostly say them. I know what you mean and so does your daddy. The ladies at school tell me that you can say "outside" but you have yet to repeat that one for me. "Clack-clack" is code for diaper changes and/or when you are going to the bathroom. I think that you are beginning that association.

You still don't like shoes. You have started to stay up later at night, but still get up at the same time in the morning. Mommy doesn't like that.

You know where your belly button is (that's a great game we with play with you) and you know where your nose is. You are hit or miss on eyes, ears and mouth, but you get them mostly right.

You still only have 3 teeth. 2 bottom and one fang on the top. You are starting to give kisses that aren't just bites though not always.

You slipped into helpless giggles last night when I said "whoa" after you pooted on my hand as you were trying to get out of the bathtub. Then all I had to do was say "whoa" and you would dissolve into giggles.

You love to be outside and play. You are wanting to walk more than be carried when we are out and about so we end up chasing you around, which is a wonderful game to you.

You love to open and close to the cabinets in the kitchens and bathrooms so we have had to rearrange some things and keep you from getting into them. You also like to help us close the refrigerator door and turn off the lights.

You even, sometimes, walk yourself into your room when we ask you if it is time for night-night and you are ready to sleep.

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hushmama said...

So sweet. I love reading your posts.