Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You Compared What to What?!?

So I'm listening to the radio on the way into work. Yes, I am one of those geeks that still listens to the radio and does not use my iPod nor have I invested in satellite radio. So for the 3 of you that still know what I am talking about, here goes:

The little radio hostess comes on and starts a spiel about the BP oil spill and all the harm it has done and how we have all this technology of placing men on the moon and yet we cannot stop this leak. In my mind I am sure she is about to plug a charity or conservation group trying to help the wildlife that has been devastated by this. I can respect that. The poor animals are truly innocent in all this.

But wait -- oh no she didn't. Yes, she did. She compared finding the right weigh loss pill to the BP oil spill. One is obviously minor, trivial and vain the other is, well, it's devastating.

I will not name that pill here or the radio station as that is giving them too much credit and too much advertisement. I guess that little radio hostess isn't so little after all if she needs a weight loss pill.

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