Friday, June 25, 2010


It's the nature of the human heart, the human soul, to want to hold on to that which it has known. It doesn't want to let go because there is pently of room. The more it cares, the more there is the capacity to care for.

When do we know when it is time to Let Go? To Move On?

Should I wait... more minute? more hour? more day?

At some point we are really only fooling the person within.

And because the heart can continue to expand, it's not as if we have to Let Go forever. We can hold onto the string of the balloon while it flies high above our head and get glimpses at it plays among the clouds.

That doesn't answer the original question though, does it? When it is time to Let Go or Move On? How do we know? I guess that place, that fork in the road, is different for every person, every situation.

I wish I knew how to draw a better map.

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Debbie said...

You are very right - that answer is different for every person, and different for every person based on the minute, day, year that they answer it.

As with so many things, all you can do is listen to yourself and be as honest as you can be to yourself and your situation. No matter how large or small the decision is.

(yes, I know: no help. :) )