Friday, November 19, 2010

Dear Panera Manager,

Thank you for asking before acting. We ate at your fine establishment last night and as we were leaving my exuberant 21 month old was running along to the front doors and decided that the door stops were the most exciting toy of the evening. One of your cashiers called out to us how sweet and adorable he was and we all stopped to chat as he banged happily away on the front doors and greeted those individuals coming in for their dinner or evening dessert.

Then you asked me if it was ok for him to have a cookie. Apparently your store had inadvertently baked an overabundance of cookies and you were giving some away for free.

Not only do I appreciate the gesture of a free cookie, I appreciate you asking if it was ok for him to have one first. He may have had allergies or I may not want him to eat sweets. So thank you for your generosity and your thoughfulness.

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