Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November: There Are No Flaws

Wow, Own Your Beauty, this could be a tough one.

You want me to take a picture every day of me, or at least part of me. Hmm, I'll admit up front that isn't going to happen. Not just because I don't like to have my picture taken (which is incredibly true) but I also know I will forget and then I will get grumpy at myself for forgetting and feel as if I have ruined my own experiment. So, I will take them when I remember, when I find that moment of being centered.

I use the word odd to describe myself. Why? Because I think I am. I don't say it as a way to put myself down or make excuses for who I am. That word simply resonates with me. I think I will add to that description. I am not perfect, and yet I have no flaws. People will really think I'm odd if I say that.

I have chicken pox scars on my face because the case I had when I was 18 months old was very strong. I see them and yet no one else ever mentions them. Not people who know me, not strangers. I guess they are just part who I am.

I have stretch marks. I have a large c-section scar. I have short and muscular legs. I have a tiny Irish mouth. I rarely wear makeup. I prefer jeans and tshirts to any other clothing. I cry when I get angry. I like to be alone. I tend to give a lecture on what is really tea and what is not when people ask about it. I have very little modesty. I get impatient. My desk is organized chaos and I function well that way. I will not eat cauliflower. Sometimes I wish I wasn't a mom. My ultimate dream in life is to be a writer. I hate loathe math. I raise my child with some alternative parenting methods. I'm a cut-rate housekeeper at best.

I guess what I'm saying is that's I'm odd. And I like me that way.

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