Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dear Ian:

Your baby skin is so soft. Yesterday, as I was feeding you breakfast, I stroked your little cheek and was struck at how soft and smooth your skin is. You had just woken up and your cheeks were still flushed from sleep. Then I had to look at and touch your fat little wrists and your fat litte feet. Even your cute little baby butt is dimply but so soft to the touch.
As you grow, I will miss your chubby little baby parts and cuddling your soft baby skin. I wish I could capture the feeling of touch in a jar so that I can relive the softness of your baby self even when you are twenty.


Debbie said...

I always love holding sleeping babies. Their skin is always softer when they first wake up and fall asleep. And that baby-head-smell!

tara said...

Totally agree! Soft sleepy babies are wonderful.