Sunday, April 18, 2010

Today I Don't Want To Be a Mom

Today my son is trying my patience. Really he has been trying it all week long. He has been clinging to my leg for dear life in the mornings and I can barely get a shower, get dressed, get him ready for school.

Today I have 3 new books calling my name. I can feel their words, their laughter, their very real paper dimenstons beneath my fingers. I can feel the woody paper sucking the oil from my skin as I rapidly turn the pages as I devour someone else's story.

Today I want to ignore the fact there is a little person that wants me and needs me. I want to close the door, pour a glass of wine and read. I want to get lost in someone else's words. I want to lose myself in their thoughts, their whimsy and their lust.

I want to feel alive for some other reason than baby soft skin, wet kisses and raspberries. I want to be a woman this evening and read and drink wine and have raunchy thoughts.

I want to be me tonight. A complete me. Tomorrow I can be someone's mother and someone's wife. Tonight, I just want to be, for me.

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