Monday, April 19, 2010

Get a Grip People!

Alright, so sex on tv is ok. The general masses swarm all over oops pictures of celebrity body parts. Mmm-hmm. Girls walks around with skirts up to their beavers and see through shirts. Not a problem.

So why does a woman breastfeeding in public make people uncomfortable? Most of the time you aren't even seeing the woman's breast. I honestly think it is much more disgusting when someone blows their nose at the table in a public restaurant. (Insert shiver with revulsion as I even type those words.)

And why would a picture of a child with breast milk on his chin gross people out? How is it different than if he had cow's milk on his face or pudding or popsicle?

Baby Drools Breast Milk Ohio Residents Freak Out

Seriously people. Let's focus on things that are important in life. I'd much rather see a baby breastfeeding in public than to see a picture of Britney Spears' girly parts. Honestly, which really is the more disgusting?

*Thanks to my friend over at Musings for using her trusty Google reader to bring this article to my attention. You may thank her or throw rotten veggies at her as is your preference. :)


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