Friday, April 16, 2010

Support C-Section Awareness Month

C-sections happen. Yes, too many happen but some are needed. Many women have negative stories to tell, and there are some, like me, who have good stories. C-sections don't have to be scary, or horrific or damaging. If yours was, seek help. Express those thoughts so that you can heal. Here are some places that can help.

Cesarean Scar by the NavelGazing Midwife
She is highlighting the scars and their stories. I have submitted mine.

The Shape of a Mother
Real women have real bodies. Stretch marks. C-section scars. Here you will find women of all shapes and sizes and with all sorts of stories you can relate to.

Nine Months and Beyond
If you are in the Nashville area, check these women out. They are wonderful and supportive during and after birth. They offer doulas, birthing classes, birthing tubs, lactation consultants, pump rental and more.

No matter if you had a c-section or not, you are still a mother. You are still a strong and brave woman. Why? Because you created a person, you gave birth. Don't forget that.


Elizabeth said...

I just read your scar story on I feel like a stalker right now, lol, but I just wanted to thank you for your story. It's a relief to me to see a positive story, and it makes me feel better knowing I'm not the only one who isn't traumatized. I felt like something might be wrong with me, as a woman, for not being upset that I didn't birth "the right way", or the "acceptable way".

Anyway, thank you.

tara said...

Not stalking at all! LOL. I'm GLAD you found my story. I'm GLAD you are speaking up. I used to think something might be wrong with me too. Sounds like you had a positive experience too. Tell your story. Other woment need to hear it.
Glad you stopped by and hope you come back again!!!