Saturday, April 24, 2010

Little Woman In A Big City

Dear New York City,

I used to be very frightened of you. Too many people, too large a city, too much crime. I visited you for the third time a few days ago. This trip was by myself. The other trips before had been with at least one other person.

I spent almost two full days in your arms. I walked your streets by myself. I took notice of the older couples walking peacefully and the mothers with their children. I took the subway by myself. I saw old men reading and young boys I would not have expected to see riding comfortably by themselves. I walked the streets again, back to my hotel from Carnegie Hall at 10:30 pm. At least 12 blocks in the dark. That was more daunting than in the daylight and I was amazed at how awake the world was on your streets at that time.

I came to no harm. I feel stronger. I feel a little silly saying that but I am proud of myself for doing things that made me uncomfortable.

New York City, you still intimidate me, you always will, but now I think I will feel less trepidation if I return.

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Debbie said...

You know, I've visited London, Amsterdam and Paris - but somehow New York (which I've never visited) seems more intimidating to me. Go, woman!